25 March, 2014

Music Series - Part I

For these past two years, I've been pretty private with my writing, only my journal or who ever has snooped through it has been able to read my thoughts. The sudden urge to highlight some personal and creative passages on this type of social media has been pretty recent. I have  Judy Ramirez  to thank for inspiring me to enjoy life and its sweeter things. After all, this blog is all about me and for me!

The first series of posts are going to be dedicated to Music. How did I come across this idea? It's most likely because I just spent a productive, creative and soulful morning this last Sunday with my best sister+friend, Eryne. And then later on that same day, my cousin, Gelline, told me to post a video of myself singing on Facebook. Did I do it? Not yet!

So, it's now 2 a.m. on an early Tuesday, and the first and foremost thing I need to take note of for myself is how I haven't really explored the importance of music, the impact it makes on our lives. I come from a very musical family, both my mom and dad's side love to sing and most of them are pretty darn good at it. My musical talent? I tend to judge it a lot. But it includes singing, singing at a church, in the shower, in my car, to my mom and then mostly to my boyfriend. I can read notes, play classical piano and a tiny, tiny bit of guitar.

On those days when I feel like questioning, "Why was I born?" I like to think I was put on this earth by music's sake! Even though my Mom and Dad aren't together now, they did fall in love when they met as musicians, singing together in a band.

When I encounter hardships and happiness in life, music is always the answer! Accompanying my favorite music to painful or extremely ecstatic situations make it even more meaningful; and the situation, probably even more dramatic and intense. If my life were a movie, there'd be certain songs on that track that would totally differ from someone else's soundtrack. I'll be sharing a series of posts on my blog about my favorite music and it's nostalgic effect it has made leading up to my life thus far. Check it out! Any suggestions, comments and music to share are highly encouraged.

Here's a clue to my first song post,

Song 1:  Fields of Gold - Sting.

Sting? Yes? Ya dig? Yeaaaaah.

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