31 March, 2015

Verbiage Visuals

Here's some notable quotes that reoccurred throughout my 2014.  I decided to draw them out and give them as Christmas cards to the people that represented them!

30 March, 2015

Southwestern Vibes

Feeling that southwestern desert vibe as we're only 18 days away from Coachella Weekend Dos! I found some cactuses in front of a lovely vibrant blue wall along Sunset blvd by Pine & Crane. Found an awesome southwestern native american print at ReForm School and sketched it out myself. I'm in love with the colors that were chosen!


With my main squeeze, the monstera plant. A simple graphic made from my Phonto iPhone app for wallpaper and a sketch drawn on the iPad ProCreate App!

Aquarium Graphics

Here are some graphic headers and title pages I designed last year for Aquarium Live and the Aquarium's Webcam Resource Kit'sThese inquiry-based kits encourage students to make observations using the Aquarium’s live streaming animal webcams. The Webcam Resource Kits include lesson plans, short educational videos, worksheets, and web-based activities and resources for K-8th grade student. 

Flamingo Party

I've been so inspired by the Memphis Movement, artists such as Elo on Instagram and just these completely vibrant and magical animals. Here's a graphic I made a couple weeks ago, hope you enjoy!

Un, deux, trois! Let's Dance!

Tea Time

It's Spring! March is coming to an end - Hello, April! 
I hope everyone's making time for relaxation and tea. Have a wonderful week ahead!