11 December, 2012

07 December, 2012

Adam & Dog Trailer

Adam and dog Trailer from Minkyu on Vimeo.

Before Eve, there was ADAM AND DOG! BAM!!!

My Family & The Wolf Teaser

"MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF" teaser from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

Watching this video, I cannot help but think of Anthony Bourdaine's visit to... I can't remember, Greece? But it is just spot on with the culture and all. LOVE IT!

Paper for iPad

Plus the pogo connect with this new app? Hope it's all sorts of awesome as it looks.

06 December, 2012


 Freekin' P E S does it again. Definitely a jaw dropper.
YAY! Was so excited to post this one. Here's one of me and my best friend, Eryne. With ombre hair and all even.