11 October, 2013

Flamingo Party

I'm obsessed with this Le Batofar ad, not sure who the artist was but I am all about that Flamingo! I searched high and low for a good flamingo model and finally found the original art piece that they used for this design as well. FYEAH!


This year was such a wonderful birthday experience! I've never felt so loved and thankful for the many things in life. Definitely a good time to rethink, reconsider and redefine situations and lessons I've learned from my past and move on forward with a new refreshing age of 24! To start, Tim made this card for my birthday, due to my obsession with colorful pinatas, I really love it! And to celebrate, I held my birthday event at La Cuevita! A small but wonderful, whole-in-the-wall, divey, bat-cave looking bar in Highland Park near Pasadena, CA! Their happy hour is amazing, and the drinks are even more delicious! To top that off, they let me rent the back section of the bar, along with allowing me to bring our own food and cake! Free of charge! All in all, it fit about 20-30 of us; and on Saturday night's, they play 70s/retro music. We had a cool DJ chick spinning on the records with an awesome afro and style that of Solange! For the backdrop and props I brought along to my party, Tim and I found large metallic silver balloons, which you can buy at probably any party store, mini sparkler sticks in replace of traditional candles for my cake, my DIY garland (again with teal, pink and metallic tissue paper), and the blow-up pink dolphin from the 99-cent store! It was such a blast! Thank you all so much for bringing in my 24th with me!


In less than a few hours or days, I will soon be an official God-Mother/Auntie, to baby, Adela Bethany Craft! I cannot wait to spoil her and give her so much love! Here are a few banners I had made using lots of colorful tissue paper for my cousin's Baby Shower, along with my first time in working with metallic tissue paper too! (These ones were pretty tricky, but are really pretty to look at)!   

This Plant

Please share if anyone knows what type of plant this is? It's definitely been in my interests lately. Such a lovely, hip and versatile looking plant. Good for both indoor and outdoor! This one was particularly captured during a Brooklyn wedding inside a brick loft! Not pictured is another shot I did with this plant and then paired it with Solange's appearance on BK Mag. I'm in love!


A drawing from a dream I had this past year where my parents were strolling in love along the pathway garden, Champs-Elysées! Je T'aime.

07 October, 2013

I forgot to post one of these sketches I made before my friends and I left for Neysa's Bachelorette Party at The Ace, Palm Springs. She's amazingly talented, gorgeous and super awesome! Visit her site here!

September 23

For my Mom's birthday this year, I drew her with a paint brush in hand while always dancing and smiling! Because that's the amazing kind of person she is - Always so kind, cheerful, artistic, creative, and so lovely. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

It's perfect timing that my most recent drawing is of one of my most cussing favorite characters in film, Ash! This stop motion came out on Thanksgiving of 2009, November 25. I remember watching this movie for the first time at Regency Cinemas on Fairfax, which is sadly now closed. And, being there for its premier during the AFI Film Festival, I remember just being in awe, completely speechless, when Bill Murray came on stage, capturing the entire audience with his presence. I kept my ticket stub all these years too! :o) Enjoy!