13 January, 2015

It's 2015!

Where did the time go?! We're halfway through January?! W H A T! ...Aside from all that craziness, I hope you all had a really, really wonderful holiday and new years celebration with your loved ones. This time of year always comes and goes so fast, I wish there was more time to soak it all in! I'm sorry for only finding the time now to post some deets of the crafts I made for my family's Thanksgiving 2014 get together! I gathered my collection of colored tissue paper and some props I previously owned to create our table settings and photo booth!

Then, after all the holiday jazz, my family and I ventured out to our natural habitat, our second home, our heaven on earth of... Palm Springs! We enjoyed visiting all our favorite hotels, parks and restaurants including: The Ace Hotel, The Saguaro, Joshua Tree and Moorten Cactus Garden. But what we really loved most of all was spending quality time together.

04 January, 2015

Guidebook to Palm Springs:

1. Gather all your best and artsiest of friends
2. Rent an airbnb
3. Bring all the props + floaties you can possibly carry
4. Mix a ton of cocktails 
5. Have a photoshoot with your girlfriends while the boyfriends gladly help out!
And, 6. Hold a Dolphin Olympics event like ours!

Watch this Palm Springs "Instructional" video made by yours truly, and enjoy!

Here are some of my photos taken from our Palm Springs trip last September 2014